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*FREE* Feeling the Way : Touch, Qigong Healing, an

Rob Long,: Feeling the Way : Touch, Qigong Healing, and the Daoist Tradition

Feeling the Way : Touch, Qigong Healing, and the Daoist Tradition


This practical, down-to-earth guide offers the means for you to awaken your healing hands. Focussing on the use of hand sensitivity and energy in healing, the guide introduces methods to rapidly sharpen your latent skills and increase your confidence when feeling and working with Qi. Based on a combination of clinical examples, Daoist philosophy, and detailed 'how-to' instructions, the author shows you how to develop your ability to work energetically with your hands, providing an invaluable, powerful tool for subtle diagnosis and healing work that can supplement other methods.

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Author: Rob Long,
Number of Pages: 136 pages
Published Date: 21 Oct 2016
Publication Country: London, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 9781848192980
Download Link: Click Here

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